Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard Lochhead MSP has described today as a ‘black day’ for Moray after the Tory led Council’s budget was passed, meaning around £1m of cuts to local schools and educations, and front line services being slashed, despite the local authority receiving an extra £4m funding from the Scottish Government.

The Tory led Council will see school librarians and technicians cut, local town halls closed, and around 90 jobs will be lost.

Moray’s MSP said:

“This is a black day for Moray with front line services being slashed and local workers losing their jobs, as a result of this draconian budget being pushed through by the Tory led right wing cabal in the Moray Council.

“Council leaders demanded more money from the Scottish Government in order to save services, which they duly received to the tune of £4m.  Despite this extra cash they’ve stubbornly charged ahead with devastating cuts, including to provision within our local schools, with children and families in Moray left to suffer.

“My SNP colleagues and I made an offer to the Tory led Council that would have protected our local schools, saved jobs, and allowed us to work together to improve the long term finances of the Moray Council. 

“Sadly, the partisan members of the administration chose to dig their heals in and push through this hugely damaging budget proving that they’re unfit for office.

“There’s a real human cost to this Tory budget and for the staff whose jobs are to be axed this will be a hugely worrying time, and I will be reaching out to local trade unions to look at where we can go from here.”