Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



The SNP Opposition Group on The Moray Council has welcomed a commitment from Grampian Housing to an affordable housing scheme in Elgin.

Following the Council’s decision to scrap the Western Link Road, with 10 SNP Councillors opposing the controversial multi-million pound project, Administration Councillors including the Leader of the Council, Stewart Cree, claimed that the Council would have to stump up compensation to Grampian Housing in relation to affordable housing land next to the planned route. However, Grampian Housing’s Director of Business Development, Craig Stirrat has re-stated the organisation’s commitment to developing the site. In an article in Scottish Housing News he is quoted as saying: “...it is too early to write-off the housing development. We are still committed to it and are in discussions with The Moray Council…”

Commenting on the development the SNP Opposition Leader in The Moray Council, Councillor Gary Coull, said:

“Since the Independent/Tory Administration lost this key vote on their Financial Plan as a result of 2 of their own members voting against it - including a Committee Chair - they have been casting around blame and multi-million pound claims in equal measure. A figure of 2.7 million pounds compensation was bandied around for them to hide behind yet Grampian Housing are making it very clear they are committed to this housing project!

“Leadership is about having a strategy and delivering it, not about throwing your toys out of the pram. It is long past time for Moray Council’s Administration to shoulder that responsibility and deal in facts rather than scaremongering and wild speculation.

“I am calling on the Council’s Administration to work constructively to find an alternative means of developing this site, which we believe is entirely possible. I very much welcome the positive and committed attitude from Grampian Housing and the SNP will work constructively on this.”