Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Approximately 100 million concessionary bus journeys are being taken each year thanks to increased investment from the SNP Scottish Government, new figures have revealed.

Since 2014/15, over 894 million concessionary bus trips have been made across Scotland by passengers holding a concessionary travel card, including people over 60 years old, those with a qualifying disability and young people under 22 years old.

Most recent data show that there are 1.5million people living in Scotland who benefit from a concessionary travel card.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead SNP MSP for Moray said:

“I am delighted that people in Moray, and right across Scotland, are taking full advantage of the concessionary travel cards available to them, and these figures underline the SNP’s commitment to widening access to free bus travel.

“From increasing eligibility of the concessionary travel card to include injured veterans to rolling out free bus travel for young people under 22, the SNP is making sure people can get around without being put out of pocket.

“Not only does supporting people to use public transport help everyone enjoy greater independence but it is a key way we can reduce our carbon footprint and tackle the climate emergency. And of course if demand is high, then there is the case to be made for operators to expand services in some of our more rural communities.

“While Westminster claws back support at the first opportunity, this is yet another example of how this SNP Government is looking out for those most in need during this cost of living crisis.”