Richard Lochhead

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SNP MSP for Moray Richard Lochhead and Cllr Louise Laing have welcomed the start of works to install a controlled pedestrian crossing on the A95 at Aberlour.

Mr Lochhead and Cllr Laing have both supported the Aberlour Community Association in their campaign for a crossing to improve road safety in the village.

BEAR Scotland confirmed that work had commenced on Monday 9th March following a pedestrian study and community consultation last year. It is hoped that weather permitting, the works can be completed in four weeks.

Richard Lochhead MSP welcomed the start of the works, saying:

“I’m delighted that work is underway to install the new controlled pedestrian crossing on Aberlour High Street. The A95 going through the village is incredibly busy and there’s no doubt that pedestrians and cyclists will benefit from having a safe place to cross.

“This has been a big issue for residents in Aberlour for some time now and the Community Association deserve a huge amount of credit for the work they’ve done to ensure a pedestrian crossing was given the green light by the authorities.

“Hopefully the works will go smoothly and the weather will allow the crossing to be completed in four weeks – it’s sure to make a big difference to residents and visitors to Aberlour.

SNP Councillor Louise Laing said:

“It’s great to see the work starting. When I attended a vintage tea in Aberlour this was the thing that most people rated as top of the list to be done in the village. The A95 is a very busy road with the majority of housing on one side and the play park and some of the shops and businesses on the other. I grew up in Aberlour but have seen a huge increase in the amount of traffic, especially lorries over the years making it extremely dangerous.  Anything that makes life easier for people to cycle or walk should be welcomed to tackle climate change and help people stay fit and healthy.”


BEAR Scotland provided the following update: 

The installation of this signalised crossing will assist pedestrians to cross the A95 with improved safety and may encourage walking and cycling as a mode of transport.  The new facility shall be of benefit to local primary school children as well as being located on a Moray Council core path route.  This location also serves several amenities on both sides of the High Street and provides a suitable crossing point for the nearby Aberlour Health Centre.

The works involve the installation of two new traffic signal heads and poles as well as amendments to the kerbing at the existing build-out and dropped crossing points.  Existing access to High Street and on-street parking shall be maintained and shall be largely unaffected by these alterations.  Amendments to the existing road markings will be carried out, together with the installation of high friction road surfacing to improve vehicle braking on approach to the crossing.  To minimise the future impact on nearby residents, the audible crossing signal will be set to the lowest volume setting between 07:00 and 22:30.  This will reduce the noise impact when the crossing is activated.  Out with these times, audio units will be switched off completely.  The signal heads will also be fitted with hoods to minimise potential light glare.

Please be aware that these construction works are programmed to last for up to four weeks (subject to weather).  To minimise disruption to residents, the works will take place during the day.  Temporary traffic signals will be set up for safety during the works.  Temporary footway diversions may also be in place for pedestrian safety during the works.  Traffic management shall be removed where possible.

The new high friction surfacing is currently programmed to be installed on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March.  To allow this work to be completed safely and to allow for adequate drying time, it will be necessary to restrict movements to/from Elchies Road and Victoria Terrance for a few hours during these days.  Local diversions and parking restrictions will be in place to assist the flow of traffic.