Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



The SNP Opposition Group in Moray Council have slammed the Independent/Tory Administration’s plans to hike Council Tax by 18%.

SNP Opposition Group Leader, Cllr Gary Coull, said:

"Once again we are seeing this Independent/Tory Administration getting Moray in the national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

"This is a massive hike being proposed by the Independents and Tories and will really hit the pockets of Moray people who are already facing high living costs combined with frozen wages.

"It is even more galling that a rise is supported by the Tories and Labour in Moray.  Something which has, no doubt, encouraged the Administration to come forward with this ridiculous hike.  The Tories want a low tax economy nationally but obviously don't care about the level of local taxation.

"Group leaders in Moray met yesterday to have, in the words of the Council’s Convener an ‘open and transparent discussion’ on the budget and absolutely no mention of this hike was made.  With this Council Tax announcement less than 24 hours later the Administration clearly have no intention of working with us to tackle this budget issue, which is extremely disappointing.

"The Council Tax freeze has saved families over 1,500 pounds and has been welcomed by local people.  A survey in Highland showed that 62% of people would reject an increase and I have no doubt Moray would produce similar results.

"It really is unbelievable to see this administration proposing such a blow to Moray people's pockets while they continue to peddle vanity projects such as the Western Link Road in Elgin."