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SNP Councillors have welcomed unanimous backing for their emergency motion opposing the closure of Clydesdale Bank branches in Aberlour and Buckie.

The motion, put forward by Speyside Glenlivet Councillor Pearl Paul and seconded by Buckie Councillor Sonya Warren, was present to the Council’s Economic Development & Infrastructure Services Committee.

Speaking after gaining the committee’s support the SNP’s Cllr Paul said:

“The closure of the Clydesdale Bank branches in Aberlour and Buckie would be an absolute travesty for the local communities. I am pleased that the Committee has unanimously backed our motion opposing these closures and that the Committee Chair will take these concerns up directly with the Clydesdale Bank.

“The closure of the last bank in Speyside, an area that attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year, is really beyond the pale. To have such a large area left with no High Street bank makes no sense whatsoever and would be economically damaging.

“For both of these branches the public transport alternatives involve at least 2 buses, and in some cases 3, and would mean customers spending many hours travelling to and from the alternative branch in Keith.”

Buckie SNP Councillor Sonya Warren said:

“We are heading for a situation where the Clydesdale Bank will have reduced its branches from more than 10 to just 2 for the whole of Moray, serving a population of nearly 100,000 folk.

“With good prospects for economic growth in Buckie this makes no business sense to me whatsoever.

“The Clydesdale Bank say on their own website that they are responsive to the needs of their communities and that they are proud of their history. Yet they are clearly not listening to communities in Moray and are actively destroying their branch network.”

Emergency Notice of Motion to the Economic Development & Infrastructure Services Committee of The Moray Council on 31 January 2017


Committee condemns the decision by the Clydesdale Bank to close its branches in Aberlour and Buckie and the resulting loss of vital banking services for its customers and of respected and hard working staff within those branches.

Committee notes with concern that the closure of the Clydesdale Bank Aberlour Branch will leave the whole of the Speyside-Glenlivet area with no High Street banks, which will create significant issues for both business and personal banking customers and will remove key banking services from an area that has tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Committee calls on the Corporate Director of Economic Development, Planning & Infrastructure and the Committee Chair to write to the Chief Executive of the Clydesdale Bank expressing the committees grave concerns over the community impact and wider economic impact of their decision and urging them to drop their branch closure plans for Aberlour and Buckie.

Cllr Pearl Paul                         Cllr Sonya Warren