Richard Lochhead

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Moray’s MSP, Richard Lochhead, recently visited the Moray Waste Busters warehouse to meet with new Chair, Simon Flemington, and to hear about their plans for the future. 

The team at Moray Waste Busters save perfectly good items that were destined to be thrown out and ensure that they are reused rather than sent to landfill.

Speaking after his visit, Mr Lochhead said:

"Moray Waste Busters are responsible for diverting a huge amount of items heading for landfill and providing an outstanding service for Moray, our environment and wider community.

"The fact that every day many people are buying good condition items that would have otherwise ended up in landfill is a great success story. It is also a reminder that our thrown away society is wasteful and unsustainable. The group is tackling that culture and delivering a range of benefits.

"I was delighted to meet the new chair of Moray Waste Busters to discuss their exciting plans for the future. I was also hugely impressed to learn that they now employ fifteen people all of whom are paid the real living wage.

"This is an organisation that has a big role to play in Moray's zero waste and low carbon future as we plan how to achieve Scotland's target of no longer contributing to climate change by 2045.”

Chair of Moray Waste Busters, Simon Flemington added:

“Moray Waste Busters is a stand-out example of a great community organisation. It’s run by a set of dedicated, industrious employees and volunteers and used enthusiastically by people giving and getting treasured items that will be useful and loved in a new home.

“It’s a simple way for everyone to make a difference in the fight against climate change”


You can find out more about Moray Waste Busters here: https://moraywastebusters.org/

Please note – Richard’s visit took place prior to new guidance and advice in response to omicron.