Richard Lochhead

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Richard Lochhead, Moray’s MSP, is currently working on plans to jointly host an Innovation Roundtable on the 19th of April at the Altyre Estate outside Forres, home to the Glasgow School of Art Highland Campus

The aim of the event is to consider what is needed to encourage the adoption of innovation in Moray and to support the growth of innovative sectors. Attendees will be given the opportunity to talk about their own projects and experience, to raise awareness and hopefully facilitate collaboration.

Commenting Mr. Lochhead said:

“Moray has a history of innovation with many successful long standing local businesses in food and drink, cashmere, and engineering for instance, using innovation to develop new products, improve productivity and stay ahead.

“In the last few years alone, we have seen the emergence of a space company building rockets, growing games companies, and substantial investment from Boeing, to name but a few examples of firms using the latest technology and providing good well paid jobs.

“In today’s fast changing economy, innovation and considering the latest technology and tools such as AI, is absolutely essential for success and leads to more productivity and increased revenues, so I am keen to invite key representatives from local industry to get round the same table to discuss what we can do to support and nurture innovation in Moray. Innovation is of course relevant to all parts of our economy and our public sector.

“I’m very grateful to the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre for offering such a beautiful and inspiring venue given their local campus is the ideal location for our discussion.

“I would encourage anyone interested in helping Moray become a centre of leading innovation to get in touch if they wish to attend.”

Ruth Cochrane, Academic Lead, School of Innovation and Technology, Glasgow School of Art commented:

“We are delighted to be hosting Mr Lochhead’s roundtable at our Highland Campus. The Glasgow School of Art which also hosts the Digital Health Innovation Centre is committed to supporting sustainable growth across Moray, underpinned by creative innovation. This network will give its members the opportunity to collaborate and increase the impact of our work to benefit communities across the region and beyond.”

If you are interested in taking part in the Roundtable event please email: richard.lochhead.msp@parliament.scot