Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard Lochhead MSP has written to the Chief Executive of the Moray Council over concerns that the current speed limit of 50mph at Fogwatt is too high and should be reviewed.

Mr Lochhead wrote to the local authority after being contacted by residents who worry about the speed of the traffic travelling through the village and the danger for pedestrians having to cross the busy road.

The number of families living in Fogwatt in recent years has increased, which has led to some calling for a review of the current speed limit and for the Council look into whether it should in fact be reduced.

Moray’s MSP has written to the Council’s Chief Executive highlighting the concerns that have been raised with him around road safety in the village and supporting residents calls for a review of the speed limit.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said:

“The road between Elgin and Rothes is increasingly busy, with steady streams of traffic going through Fogwatt throughout the day, and there are concerns locally around the speed of cars entering the village.

“There’s been a number of new homes built at Fogwatt in recent years, and with an increase in homes comes an increase in the number of pedestrians, and I know that some folk do worry about having to cross the main road due to the speed of traffic.

“I have written to the Council highlighting some of the concerns that have been raised with me around road safety at Fogwatt and asking that they carry out a review as to whether the current 50mph speed limit remains appropriate.”