Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Local Moray MP Angus Robertson has welcomed news that the privacy watchdog is clamping down on the escalating problem of nuisance telephone calls.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will is writing to over 1,000 companies known to be in the business of selling personal data, also known as ‘list broking’, to demand information on their transactions and compliance processes.

The move forms part of a clamp-down on the practice of unsolicited cold calling, and follows a number of significant fines issued to companies falling foul of the rules.

The ICO will also issue 3 fines this week, 2 of which will be to companies marketing call-blocking systems which are ironically aimed at reducing nuisance calls.

Earlier this year, Cambuslang-based company HELMS were fined £200,000 for making 6 million cold calls in a 3 month period.

SNP MPs have been vocal on the issue of nuisance calls, and have called upon the UK Government to take firmer action to stamp out the practice.

Commenting the SNP’s Angus Robertson said:

“I’m delighted to see a tougher stance being taken on the blight of nuisance calls. The Information Commissioner appears to be serious about tackling not only the frontline offenders, but also the list brokers facilitating this shady practice.

“Nuisance calls can only be effectively tackled at Westminster. The SNP will continue to put pressure on the UK Government where needed, in the meantime I am glad to see the issue continuing to be taken seriously by the watchdog.

“Complaints about nuisance calls were up by 10% last year alone. The sheer scale of the intervention from the Commissioner’s Office is like nothing seen before, but it is an appropriate response to a problem that just continues to grow.”