Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard Lochhead MSP has called on Moray’s Conservative MP Douglas Ross to apologise for breaking his pre-election promise to put his parliamentary duties before his second job as an assistant referee.

Last week Douglas Ross missed a debate and vote on Universal Credit so he could run the line in a Champions League match in Barcelona, despite making a pre-election promise to cut out midweek games, recognising that people had been annoyed that he missed Parliament in the past.

Mr Lochhead has called for Moray’s MP to apologise to his constituents for breaking his promise and is demanding that he provide people with an explanation for going back on his work just three months into his job.

Conservative Party sources have indicated that the MP will take another 5 weeks off work in June so have can earn thousands of pounds at the World Cup.

Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Despite the backlash in Moray and throughout the UK, according to Tory sources, Douglas Ross seems determined to continue disappearing from his day job as our local MP including for a further five weeks next year to undertake his second paid job at the World Cup.

“His lack of sensitivity and brass neck is breath-taking. He doesn’t seem to live in the real world and clearly hopes to brazen this out in the hope that everyone has forgotten by the time of the next election. He’ll be making money in Russia just as Universal Credit is rolling out and making life a misery for his constituents.

“He is paid over £1400 a week to serve Moray and just as his constituents have to turn up at their work to earn their salary so should Douglas Ross. It goes without saying that he should be donating his parliamentary salary for those days he doesn’t turn up for work because of his second job to Moray Foodbank and other local charities dealing with the fallout of his Government’s policies.

“He has already gone back on his word after he said he would not allow his other lucrative second job to interfere with his parliamentary duties. Now he seems to be choosing to ignore the outcry when he should dropping his second job and working full time for Moray as he was elected to do. We need a full time MP with proper priorities and who rather than hitting the headlines for targeting minorities or for missing Parliament for his second paid job, devotes his energy to helping others.

“It is time for Douglas Ross to apologise to his constituents for breaking his promise and treating his day job of representing them in Parliament like a hobby that he can pick and choose when to attend.  An apology and an explanation is the least he owes the people of Moray.”