Richard Lochhead

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Richard Lochhead MSP has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, calling for more clarity around eligibility of the £400 energy bill payment announced last week. 

Since the Chancellor’s announcement, Moray’s MSP has been inundated with queries from constituents who are frustrated at the lack of clarity provided by the UK Government on who will receive this payment and how the payment will be made.

The treasury have stated that payments will be made to household with a domestic energy meter via their provider but have yet to provide certainty on if those without an energy meter will receive the grant or how this will be paid out.

Commenting, Moray’s MSP said:

“While some of the measures announced by the Chancellor last week - including his U-turn on the SNP's repeated calls to turn his energy loan into a more generous grant - are welcome, it's clear that they still fall desperately short of what is needed at this critical time.

“The failure to provide assurances that all properties across Moray and Scotland will be able to access this £400 grant is worrying and I know many are concerned that they may miss out on this payment.

“There are thousands of households right across Moray who aren’t be connected to the national grid or use heating oil to heat their home and they have expressed their concern to me about the lack of clarity provided by the Chancellor. The lack of regulation in the heating oil sector and support for households using this means of energy is something I have previously raised with the UK Government.

“I am also aware that those living on residential caravan parks who have no choice but to purchase their energy from the site owners will be keen to know if they are eligible for this grant.

“I’ve called on the Chancellor to provide urgent clarity on this is - everyone is feeling the acute impact of rising energy costs, regardless of how they access their energy, and it is only right and fair that all households are provided with this much needed support.”