Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



On Friday Moray’s SNP MSP, Richard Lochhead, will meet with representatives from Police Scotland and Transport Scotland at Brodie to discuss local concerns over road safety in the village.

Local residents raised concerns with Mr Lochhead during his summer surgery tour over the number of accidents and near misses on the A96 through the village, with residents also expressing concern that the current 50mph speed limit is too high.

Mr Lochhead promised residents he would hold an on-site meeting with the authorities to discuss local concerns and what action can be taken to improve road safety in the area.

Commenting Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“In recent weeks a number of constituents have raised concerns with me about road safety at Brodie, particularly in relation to the current speed limit and confusion caused by the road layout.

“I’m pleased that both Police Scotland and Transport Scotland have agreed to meet on-site which will give them the opportunity to see some of the issues first-hand.

“Over the summer there were a number of accidents on that stretch of the road, which is a real concern, and I’ll be keen to get an update from Police Scotland on their investigations into the cause of those incidents.

“I hope talks will be productive and that we can agree some actions that can be taken forward to address the concerns being raised by people who live in and around Brodie, and I will of course update the community on the outcome of my meeting.”