Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News




Moray’s MP Angus Robertson is tackling a series of complaints by constituents who have seen Tax Credits stopped by US firm Concentrix, who were contracted by the UK Government to tackle Tax Credit fraud.

Instead many individuals who legitimately received Tax Credits have had them stopped amid false accusations of fraud resulting in financial hardship and while attempts are made to resolve the problems.

While the Government has announced it will not renew the contract with Concentrix the mess left behind is taking considerable effort by HMRC staff who have been left to pick up the pieces.

Many single mothers in particular have been accused of defrauding the system because they have not sent evidence to prove they are not living with their partner, despite the fact that many letters requesting that evidence appear never to have been sent in the first place.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“In recent weeks I have seen complaints from constituents across Moray who have had legitimate Tax Credit claims stopped and where they have been wrongly accused of fraud.  This clearly puts a major financial strain on families and to be falsely accused of fraud is very upsetting.

“I am in contact with HMRC staff about these cases, who are now having to work long hours and weekends to clear up the mess created by the UK Government and Concentrix. HMRC staff trying to resolve these complaints have told my office that they have been inundated with similar cases and the volume of complaints received would indicate that many claimants have never received a letter requesting evidence before being told that their claim has been stopped.

“We are talking about Tax Credit payments being stopped for extended periods and people being literally thousands of pounds out of pocket. That results in hardship and debt problems for families and is a completely unacceptable situation.

“My SNP colleagues and I are actively challenging the Government on how this contract went so wrong and what measures they are putting in place, firstly to sort the mess that has been created, ending the worry for many families and, secondly, to claw back the millions paid to Concentrix, who have failed to deliver.”