Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson and his SNP colleagues in Westminster have called on the UK government to take action as tens of thousands of families in Moray and millions across Scotland and the UK are set to face hikes in the price of energy, food, travel and other everyday costs as the damaging impact of leaving the EU begins to hit living standards.

Energy experts have warned that the crash in the value of the pound and increased wholesale costs since the EU referendum could lead to Energy suppliers introducing a five per cent rise in electricity bills this winter costing families on standard tariffs a significant amount more.

Recently Typhoo became the latest in a long-line of companies to warn that the impact of Brexit would force a rise in the cost of groceries, with Chief Executive Somnath Saha describing the fall in the pound as “an absolute disaster” for the company that would force a price hike in Typhoo Tea. Meanwhile, the owner of British Airways warned the cost of flights may have to go up to offset the “very significant negative currency impact” on the business.

These warnings follow concerns raised by the British Retail Consortium earlier this month that families would pay higher prices in shops if the UK government opts for a hard Brexit – with the cost of everyday goods rising as a result of tariffs.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“These are the latest in a long-line of warnings from businesses and industry experts about the negative impact of leaving the EU. There is huge concern about increasing energy costs, which will impact directly on consumers and producers.

“Prior to the referendum we heard the concerns of Moray businessman Jim Walker over the potential impact of BREXIT on Walkers Shortbread and we are seeing those concerns now becoming reality as businesses see rising input costs.

“The UK government must start listening and take action to prevent the living standards of millions of families being hit by Brexit price hikes, which come at a time when many are already suffering under the strain of damaging Tory welfare policies.

“It's now almost five months since the EU referendum and we are still no clearer as to the UK government’s plan. The ongoing uncertainty is causing major concern among businesses, investors and markets - and it is really starting to hit jobs and communities across the UK.

“With many families recently returning from holidays during the October break I have heard many saying how expensive it was to travel.

“Like the rest of Scotland Moray voted to remain in the EU and I will continue to use that mandate to argue for the best possible outcomes for Scotland."