Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has expressed his concern over the disbandment of air cadet glider squadrons, including the Kinloss based 663 Squadron.

The disbandment of the squadron was announced Defence Minister Julian Brazier. The 663 Squadron is 1 of 14 disbandments announced and reduces the total number of Volunteer Gliding Squadrons from 24 to just 10.

In Scotland 662 Squadron at Arbroath is also being disbanded leaving 661 Squadron the only remaining glider squadron in Scotland based at Kirknewton.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“I am very concerned about these drastic cutbacks in glider squadrons, which have been an integral part of the air cadet experience for decades. The UK Government has already reduced Scotland’s airbases from 3 down to 1 and now they have followed suit with the Volunteer Glider Squadrons.

“Not only is this extremely disappointing for all those who have been involved in the glider squadrons, either as cadets or volunteers supporting the cadets, but there is also a question over the impact this could have on future recruitment.

“Gliding is frequently the first flying experience for potential air force recruits and by making that experience much less accessible there has to be a risk to the flow recruits further down the line.

“The MoD talk about best value for money but they have not addressed the potential impacts of this decision in any detail in their statement.”