Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has described the latest Moray Foodbank statistics as ‘very concerning’ and says it is a further example of impact of Tory austerity policies ‘pulling the rug’ from under the most vulnerable in society.

The local MP’s comments follow the publication of statistics by the Moray Foodbank which show increasing demand and increasing levels of ‘cold’ parcel requests, where those requiring food have no means of heating them.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“The fact that we need foodbanks is a clear sign of failing welfare system, especially when we can see referrals for food parcels increasing.

“16 tonnes of food being distributed in food parcels in an area like Moray should be very concerning for everyone in our society.

“We live in a comparatively wealthy country but that wealth is not being seen by the most vulnerable in our society. The UK Tory Government has cut welfare support for millions of families and reduced support for the sick and disabled, cuts that the SNP have consistently opposed. Continuing austerity policies are pulling the rug out from under the people who need support the most and that is unacceptable.

“The Moray Foodbank staff and volunteers do a fantastic job, as do the many, many people who donate to the foodbank but I have not met a single person who supports the foodbank who would not be happy if the foodbank was not needed.

“Our welfare system is failing and until the Government changes direction on that then statistics like this will continue to provide the evidence of a fundamental societal problem.”

Statistics published by Moray Foodbank showing foodbank use in Moray:

  • 1013 requests from referring agencies
  • Approx 16 tonnes of food for 1871 people through the year
  • 143 people (105 adults, 38 children) receiving emergency food parcels in July
  • Number of requests for “cold” parcels increasing