Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard has welcomed the Scottish Government announcement that people from disadvantaged backgrounds will receive training and help to become volunteers with organisations in Moray.

Five local organisations have been awarded funding:

  • Community Food Moray: £10,000
  • Elgin Youth Development Group: £10,000
  • Moray Way Association: £9,800
  • Ray’s Opportunities: £9,986
  • The Newbold Trust:  £10,000

In 2016-17 Volunteering Support Fund grants worth £1.1 million have been awarded to 117 community organisations throughout Scotland which are working in deprived communities, promoting the arts, safeguarding heritage and conserving the environment.

Organisations will be encouraged to use the grants to recruit volunteers from vulnerable backgrounds. This could include people who have mental health issues, have learning disabilities or are unemployed.

This £1.1 million funding boost will help organisations across the country recruit, support and train volunteers to address the inequalities and poverty in their areas.

The funding will target people who have been marginalised in the past because of their age, background or health, and support them to become volunteers. Whether it’s by mentoring young people, refurbishing an old building or coaching the local football team, we know that volunteering is a way of boosting self-confidence, making new friends and learning new skills.

Richard Lochhead said:

“I am delighted that funding has been announced today, at the start of Volunteers’ Week, for five voluntary organisations in Moray.

“Volunteers undertake an enormous amount of worthy work in our communities and I am pleased that the money from the grants is to be used to recruit, support and train volunteers from vulnerable backgrounds.

“It is particularly pleasing to note that all five Moray organisations have more or less qualified for the full amount of money available and I congratulate them for their successful bids for funding.  I am sure the grants will be put to good use and will result in positive experiences for local volunteers.”