Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Following contact from concerned constituents who are regular users of the road between Keith and Dufftown and who have expressed serious concerns about the danger of having no safety barriers on such a sharp bend by an extremely steep drop at Parkmore Brae, MSP for Moray, Richard Lochhead, wrote to the Chief Executive of The Moray Council to raise concerns.

Mr Lochhead also arranged a site visit at Parkmore Brae on 20th June involving Transport Officials, local Councillors, concerned constituents and Community Council representatives, however, transport officials confirmed that a risk assessment carried out using set criteria determined that barriers were not required on the bends.  The Council’s follow up letter confirmed that the Council remained of a mind that barriers are unnecessary, much to the dismay of concerned locals who were quick to point out that, should drivers hit black ice or collide with another vehicle on this section of the road, someone could end up over the embankment and seriously hurt or worse.

In light of the Council’s response, Mr Lochhead is now seeking the view of local Police.

Commenting Mr Lochhead said:

“The site visit to Parkmore Brae was very worthwhile and allowed me to glean a better understanding of the community’s concerns. 

“At the visit, the Council were fairly clear that they were not of a mind to install crash barriers on the bend and I was disappointed when the Council confirmed that stance in their follow-up letter.  The Council’s view of course is that risk assessments do not merit the installation of barriers.

“I am very aware that many regular users of the road will remain determined for protective measures to be taken, with the risk of ice and poor weather conditions in winter being of particular concern.  I am therefore of a mind to seek the view of local police and I have written to the Area Commander for Moray seeking a meeting to discuss road safety at Parkmore Brae as well as a range of other issues.”