Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MSP has written to the Managing Director of Lloyds Pharmacy, Cormac Tobin, after being contacted by a constituent who faced an extra £50 charge for delivery of a mobility scooter for his ill wife to his AB55 postcode, despite the website suggesting that delivery to UK addresses is free.

Mr Lochhead has called on the company to wave the delivery fee and to urgently review their current delivery policy in order to ensure that medical equipment is delivered free to customers in the North of Scotland.   

As well as writing to Lloyds Pharmacy, Richard Lochhead raised the case in the Scottish Parliament debate today [Thursday 7th September], urging the Scottish Government to continue to press the UK Government to take action on unfair delivery charges to rural homes and to bring in legislation that would end discriminatory practices.

The SNP MSP said:

“Time and time again companies get away with charging customers in Moray and rural Scotland unfair and excessive delivery costs.

“My constituents raise the discriminatory delivery charges with me on a regular basis but  I was shocked and frankly appalled when a constituent got in touch to let me know that he’d went to purchase a mobility scooter for his ill wife through Lloyds Pharmacy and was expected to pay £50 for delivery due to his postcode despite the website advertising that they provided free delivery.  Unfair delivery charges are hugely frustrating for people in Moray at the best of times, but I think it is particularly galling that customers in rural Scotland face higher charges when they are looking to purchase medical equipment.

“I have written urgently to the Managing Director of Lloyds Pharmacy bringing this case to his attention in the hope that he will wave this unfair charge.  I’ve also urged the company to review their current delivery policy which clearly discriminates against people in the North of Scotland.

“This is the just the latest example of companies discriminating against customers with AB and IV postcodes and frankly it is high time that the UK Government introduced legislation to put a stop to this once and for all.”