Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray MSP, Richard Lochhead, has written to Police Scotland’s Area Commander for Moray, Chief Inspector Stewart Mackie, on behalf of Elgin residents who have complained about ongoing disturbance caused by anti-social driving in the town.

Residents have described the disturbance as relentless and have advised that it regularly occurs throughout the night. During the election residents of Murdoch’s Wynd raised the issue with Mr Lochhead on the doorsteps and he has had further contact from constituents during his recent surgeries.  They explained that they are unable to open their windows at night and are greatly disturbed despite earplugs and double glazing.

Residents mentioned that speeding, loud and backfiring exhausts, and the excessive revving of engines, are the main problems and they are keen for CCTV to be used as well as a police presence to deter the drivers from anti-social driving.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said:

“ Young drivers in souped-up cars are making life a misery at times for residents living in the centre of Elgin.

“I have written to the head of Police in Moray to raise this problem and highlight the level of disturbance caused to my constituents who live in the vicinity of the circuit frequented by  ‘boy racers’.  Whilst I am sure that most of the drivers involved are unaware of the problems they cause for local residents, it is certainly a problem when people are deprived of peace in their homes and a good night's sleep.

“Residents have requested that CCTV be used as well as a Police presence and I would certainly welcome Police engagement to tackle the problem.  I was concerned to learn that the problem has been getting worse in recent weeks and I look forward to hearing from Police Scotland about what action they will take to combat the situation.”