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Moray MSP Richard Lochhead has tabled a parliamentary motion that recognises the progress being made by a new Moray-wide group dedicated to dealing with litter. Moray Litter Prevention Forum was the result of a Litter Summit held back in September by the MSP, aimed to create a more ‘joined up’ approach to tackling litter hot spots in Moray. The group, chaired by Steve Christie, has invited Moray’s Community Councils, litter picking groups and environmental agencies to be a part of the taskforce, in an effort to create a closer working relationship between volunteers and agencies as well as building a more organised approach.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said:

“It was great to hear about the progress the Moray Litter Prevention Forum has taken since the Litter Summit. Although it is a small minority who continue to litter our streets and dump their rubbish by roadsides or on our beautiful beaches, litter has an impact on everyone and tarnishes many of Moray’s tourism hotspots. The work of many litter picking groups across Moray is invaluable and highly appreciated, and it is great news that the forum will be reinforcing their efforts. 

“I trust Steve Christie will provide the group with excellent leadership, having been a key member of the Strategic Partnership for Improving the City of Elgin (SPICE)  and a vital voice in raising the issue of litter.

“I was more than happy to table a motion congratulating the group and I look forward to seeing how things progress.”

Chairman Steve Christie added:

“I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity to chair this new group. We are still in the early stages of getting started but with such a strong and enthusiastic membership and the assistance from other agencies such as Keep Scotland Beautiful, SEPA and Moray Council I foresee a clean future for Moray' 

The full text of the motion is as follows:

Motion S5M-02891: Richard Lochhead, Moray, Scottish National Party,

Date Lodged: 01/12/2016

That the Parliament welcomes the news that the Moray Litter Prevention Forum is making large strides in forming a litter taskforce, with representatives from community councils, Moray litter-picking groups and environmental agencies; notes that following two successful meetings at the Lhanbryde Community Centre, the community-run project will be chaired by Steve Christie, a member of Elgin Community Council, understands that the meetings focussed on how litter has affected Moray, how it could be tackled and how the new group would work with larger organisations such as Moray Council, Keep Scotland Beautiful and the Forestry Commission; further notes that the group aim to appoint a vice-chair and treasurer at the next meeting as well as give the group some branding, including a logo and a catchy new name; thanks Steve Christie and Stephen Cooper, who is head of direct services at Moray Council, for their part in launching the group, and wishes the group the best of luck in their goal to tackle litter in Moray.