Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Commenting on the announcement today by the Scottish Government’s Education Secretary that exams will be cancelled for the first time due to coronavirus, Richard Lochhead MSP said:

 “The Deputy First Minister’s statement confirmed that like most other countries affected by coronavirus our schools and nurseries must now close to most young people.

“This is to help prevent the spread of the virus and also because of the rising absence of staff and pupils.  Arrangements will be put in place for the children of key workers, and to ensure those who need additional support receive it.

“The cancellation of school exams for the first time in history will understandably leave pupils in Moray shocked and very anxious about what this means for their future.

“It is important for pupils and families to know that an alternative means of certification is going to be put in place to ensure that no young person loses out.

“Our young people deserve to receive the qualifications they have worked so hard for and recognition of their effort.  Teachers and staff and the authorities are now working together to ensure that no pupil is left at a disadvantage.

“As the parent of two boys, one of whom is studying for his Highers, and another in primary seven who may or may not be returning to his school after this week, I am acutely aware of what this means for many families and pupils. No-one wanted to this to happen but it is the right decision on health grounds and to help save lives.

“Every school age child in Moray is set to be affected and it is essential that the Government and local councils work together to ensure appropriate support is in place for everyone.

“We all need to rally round to support our young people, families, and staff at this incredibly difficult and tumultuous time.”