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Moray’s MP Angus Robertson and MSP Richard Lochhead have welcomed a change of heart by Halfords, who have stated to the Moray SNP representatives that they their standard £2.99 delivery charge will apply across the board, regardless of where an individual lives.

Mr Robertson and Mr Lochhead took the national chain to task after a Speyside resident complained that the company were adding on £50 delivery surcharges for even low value items.

The SNP MP wrote directly to Halfords Chief Executive last week and MSP Richard Lochhead subsequently raised the issue with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during parliamentary questions.

In their response Halfords Chief Executive Jill McDonald stated:

“I agree that this flat rate charge that has been in place for the remaining 5% of orders is simply not good enough.  That is why we took action to resolve this issue as a priority. We have been working with our Marketplace suppliers to help reach a fair resolution for our customers and we have agreed to reduce these postage costs to a standard £2.99 - Halfords will subsidise the difference whenever the carriage cost is more.”

Angus Robertson MP welcomed the change of heart saying:

“Halfords decision to quickly review and change their delivery charges policy so that a flat rate now applies regardless of where the customer lives is a very welcome change of heart.

“This action by Halfords demonstrates how important it is to challenge companies large and small on their delivery policies to areas like Moray and the Highlands.

“In my letter to Halfords Chief Executive I put across the real frustration and anger felt by people living in Moray and elsewhere in Scotland over excessive delivery charges, an issue that is not going away and I am fully prepared to name and shame as many companies as it takes to sort this issue. If more companies respond in the positive way that Halfords has then that will be a step forward.

Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Excessive delivery charges are a massive frustration for people in Moray and across Scotland. I raised this case during First Minister’s Questions asking Nicola Sturgeon if she would join me in condemning Halfords for trying to charge £50 for delivery of a pair of car towels costing £5.99. In her response the First Minister described the level of the charge as ‘shocking’ and ‘vastly out of proportion’.

“Halfords decision to now apply the same charge across the board is to be welcomed and I want to see other companies following this example. There are many delivery options available to companies, including Royal Mail and there is simply no excuse for companies to discriminate against consumers in Scotland.”

Angus Robertson and Richard Lochhead are calling on other companies to follow Halford’s decision and pro-actively address delivery charging policies that apply excess charging to areas like Moray.

Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Until companies stop treating customers in rural Scotland with contempt when it comes to delivery charges then we will continue to take a hardline on naming and shaming them.”

Angus Robertson MP continued:

“The SNP are determined to end the practice of excessive delivery charges and we will keep up the pressure on the UK Government who have the power over the industry regulation on delivery charges.

“I am also renewing my call to the public in Moray for examples of bad practice and I will continue to hold companies to account. By doing so we can get more positive results like Halfords.”