Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray SNP representatives have welcomed £7m funding from the Scottish Government that will allow children in Moray to learn a musical without having to pay fees. 

The SNP Government will also deliver £6m of funding to allow local authorities to remove core curriculum charges, meaning the removal of fees for home economics and other practical courses.

Both of these commitments were part of the SNP’s 100 days plan and the manifesto during the 2021 elections.

Commenting SNP MSP for Moray, Richard Lochhead said:

“The SNP Government is determined that Scotland be the best place to grow up and that all young people should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“Moray’s schools have a proud record of nurturing musical talent and I hope that the removal of fees will give more young people the chance to learn a musical instrument and nurture their talents.

“I’m also pleased to see that funding has been put in place to allow the removal of charges for practical classes such as home economics. This is an important step in the right direction as we look to reduce the cost of the school day and I know this is something that will be welcomed by families across Moray.”

Cllr Sonya Warren, Chair of Moray Council’s Education Committee said:

“The value of learning music is well recognised and it should not be limited by cost and affordability to our young people. I really welcome the extra funding from the Scottish Government to allow this to happen – until now we’ve had to balance the desire to promote music tuition with other pressures on council budgets. This funding will go a long way to delivering equity of provision in music lessons.

“I also welcome the fact that there will be further talks between the Scottish Government and local authorities to develop a sustainable model of music tuition and future funding.”

SNP Councillor for Fochabers Lhanbryde, Shona Morrison added:

“By delivering on this manifesto commitment, the Scottish Government has removed the financial barrier depriving many of our young people from accessing this valuable resource.

“It is widely acknowledged that the learning of a musical instrument can greatly enhance well-being, create positive outcomes and provide a range of future pathways for the learner.

“I’m delighted these opportunities will now be available to all regardless of their ability to pay. Moray has provided us with countless outstanding musicians over the years and this promises an even brighter future for Moray’s cultural and music scene.” 

Scottish Government press release can be found here: https://www.gov.scot/news/music-tuition-and-core-curriculum-fees-removed/