Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Elgins SNP Councillors have united against plans that could see hard working commuters in Moray potentially paying an extra £400 a year to use transport facilities. Councillors Graham Leadbitter (SNP - Elgin South) and Paula Coy (SNP - Elgin North) have started a petition against changes to charges for car parking that are being proposed for Elgin car parks which would include a charge at the railway station for the first time.

Councillor Leadbitter, who opposed the motion at Economic Development committee, said:

"This is a decision that flys in the face of logic and completely misses the point of what is required to address car parking issues in Elgin. It is clear from previous introduction of charges that all that happens is cars are displaced from one part of town to another. In this case they will move from the railway station into the already congested residential streets nearby. This review clearly has not learned from the mistakes of previous introductions and is in danger of exacerbating issues further."

Councillor Coy added:

"It is clear to anyone that looks around the streets like Duff Avenue and Queen Street in my ward that parking charges in Elgin are pushing workers into residential areas. The entire point of this exercise was to find solutions to the long standing concerns of residents. Not to try and squeeze more money out of already hard pressed workers. These proposals need fundamental review and Elgin needs a properly thought out approach to parking that balances residential, commercial and workers requirements."

The proposals were agreed by the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee following a vote where Indepedent and Conservative Councillors voted together to push them through. They will next be discussed at the meeting of the Policy Committee and will be put to public consultation before final implementation.

The Councillors aim to raise a petition to be presented at Policy Committee requesting "That Moray Council reconsiders plans to implement additional charging for car parking in Elgin and brings forward a comprehensive Car Park Strategy that properly considers the needs of residents, shoppers, and business."