Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



The Moray Council has written to Richard Lochhead MSP to confirm it plans to take action to tackle driver confusion at the traffic lights on the South Street/Hay Street junction in Elgin.

Mr Lochhead, whose constituency office is just meters away from the junction, raised concerns with the Moray Council following a series of near misses after the installation of new traffic lights.

Now the Council’s Head of Direct Services, Stephen Cooper, has written to the MSP to confirm that the local authority intends to install a green filter for traffic on the South Street leg from Dr Gray’s.  The filter will be for those turning down Hay Street.  The Council hopes this will improve driver discipline as well as reducing queues at peak periods. 

Moray’s SNP MSP has welcomed the Council’s willingness to act and hopes that this will improve efficiency at the junction as well as reducing confusion at the traffic lights.

Commenting Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“After the roundabout was replaced by the new traffic lights a number of drivers contacted me to express their concerns about the confusion being caused by the new layout.  Vehicles travelling from either side of South Street, for example, can be heading in three different directions and it’s clear that some drivers are confused as to who has right of way.

“I know there have been a couple of collisions and I’ve personally witnessed many near misses.  Countless constituents have raised this issue with me and it was event mentioned to me by staff at Dr Gray’s A&E department, who’ve treated patients injured at the junction since the lights were installed.

“I’m pleased that the Council have now looked at what can be done to improve safety and efficiency at the junction, and they’ve agreed to take some action to try to reduce confusion.  Hopefully this new filter at the west side of South Street can resolve some of the problems we’ve seen in recent months.”