Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News




As the Conservative UK Government steps up plans to prepare for a no deal Brexit, Moray’s SNP MSP has warned that leaving the EU without an agreement would be disastrous for businesses in Moray.

Richard Lochhead is particularly concerned that export driven businesses locally will be hit hard if the UK falls out of the EU without securing a deal.  This week Baxters, who employ around 400 people locally, expressed their deep concerns over a no-deal Brexit and confirmed that the company was planning to stockpile supplies.

Commenting Mr Lochhead said:

“The clock is ticking and the UK Government is running out of time to secure a good deal with the EU – as the days go by we’re getting closer and closer to no deal and to the certain chaos that would ensue.

“Our local economy is largely export focussed and it is absolutely in Moray’s interest to remain part of the single market and customs union, but instead we have local employers like Baxters making plans to stockpile produce and supplies so serious are the concerns about leaving the EU without a deal.

“Another example is Walkers Shortbread who employ hundreds of EU nationals who have made Moray their home.  As we hurtle towards the cliff edge we have people in our communities who have moved here from Europe who are becoming increasingly anxious about a no deal Brexit and what that would mean for their future. 

“The local economy which is largely export focussed needs Scotland to remain part of the single market and customers union even if we are to leave the EU but of course support for remaining has increased substantially in Moray since the cost of leaving has become clear.

“There’s virtually no aspect of our lives that wouldn’t be affected by a no deal Brexit – we should be in no doubt that leaving the EU without a deal would be a disaster for Moray. 

“What is astonishing is the clock is ticking and instead of focussing on securing a better deal the Conservative party is instead tearing itself apart.  This chaos and lack of leadership is causing huge damage not only to Moray but the whole of Scotland. 

“We need a way out of that whether that be through another referendum or a deal that ensures we retain membership of the single market and the customs union, and that allows freedom of movement of people to continue, even if we formally leave the EU.  If the Conservative Government doesn’t change course then families and businesses in Moray are going to be hit hard.”