Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



SNP MPs, including Moray MP Angus Robertson, are calling on the UK Government to freeze fuel duty at the 2016 Budget.

The call – backed by campaigners FairFuelUK – follows warning signs that the Chancellor is planning to hike up the petrol tax in a cash-grab on families and motorists to fill a black hole in his Budget. Tax currently makes up 70 per cent of the total price of a tank of petrol or diesel. 

Local MP Mr Robertson has long said the high fuel tax unduly penalises areas like Moray where car use is a necessity and not a luxury. The high level of tax also disadvantages businesses in more rural areas, who have further to get their goods to market.

Commenting, Moray SNP MP Angus Robertson said:

“Now is the wrong time for a hike in fuel duty - after six years of George Osborne’s failed stewardship the UK economy continues to be in a precarious position and such a move would damage economic recovery.

“Raising the price of petrol and diesel now would be bad for areas like Moray and bad for the economy as a whole. We need support for households and for businesses. A raid on fuel duty by the Chancellor would squeeze the pockets of families, those in rural communities that depend on a car, and raise costs for small businesses - it would put at risk crucial economic growth and job creation.”

Backing the SNP call for a freeze on fuel duty, Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK, said:

“It would be economic lunacy to hike fuel duty, when it is already the most punitive in the EU. FairFuelUK have shown repeatedly that the economic evidence supports a real cut in duty resulting in real fiscal benefits for the UK. This evidence is even endorsed by the Chancellor’s own Department. The Chancellor must not make a quick cash grab on fuel duty, and we support and are very grateful for the SNP’s efforts to oppose any rise in duty in this year’s Budget.”