Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP Angus Robertson led SNP opposition to Syrian Airstrikes in Westminster, in an impassioned and tense debate at Westminster.

After a lengthy debate airstrikes were approved by parliament and the additional military action, which has now started, will involve aircraft and air and ground crew from Moray’s RAF Lossiemouth.

Speaking after the debate Local MP Mr Robertson said:

“Despite major concerns and opposition Scotland has been dragged into a war with no plan for peace and no exit strategy, ignoring the lessons from Iraq, from Afganistan and from Libya.

“Moray constituents have been writing to me in large numbers in opposition to the airstrikes, with only a very small number writing in favour and despite many critical questions remaining unanswered by the Prime Minister the UK parliament his given the green light to continue a complex and deadly conflict without a comprehensive plan for peace and reconstruction.

“Despite the vast majority of Scottish MPs voting against, planes are being deployed from Lossiemouth to drop bombs on the region. In normal circumstances, in a normal country, the armed forces would not be deployed.

“We are all committed to destroying Daesh – it is about how best we do that. David Cameron has neither answered the questions about where the 70,000 ground forces are coming from, or given an insight into any plan on how to stabilise and rebuild the region.

“Quite simply the case for bombing Syria has not been made.

“In all of this, however, and from a Moray perspective, it is important to recognise the professionalism of the RAF personnel who are being deployed from our local base at RAF Lossiemouth. Those personnel will carry out their duties without fear or favour and I wish them all a safe and speedy return.”