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Moray SNP News



Moray’s MP of 14 years, Angus Robertson, has been re-elected to serve a fourth term as the region’s Westminster MP.

The SNP’s Mr Robertson was elected with 24,384 votes - around half of the votes cast and - and with a majority over the Conservatives of over 9,000.

The percentage turnout in Moray was 68.8% - up from 62.2% in 2010.

Speaking after the result Angus Robertson MP said:

“First and foremost I thank the people of Moray for backing me to continue as their Member of Parliament for a fourth term.

“People have voted for the SNP in Moray in record numbers with a record percentage of the vote and I am honoured to be able to serve the people of Moray and represent this fantastic constituency once again.

“The efforts of hundreds of SNP activists across Moray in taking our message out to communities has been unprecedented and I also thank all of the election workers, without whom the election couldn't happen.

“Across Moray and Scotland the people have delivered a huge message to Westminster. Scotland will not be taken for granted and we expect and demand respect from the UK Government on the issues that matter to our country.

“I am being joined at Westminster by an incredible group of 56 SNP MPs from a diverse range of backgrounds and with huge amount of talent. We will use that talent to be Stronger for Scotland and make Moray’s and all of Scotland’s communities voices heard loudly and clearly.

“The declaration of the result in Moray happens to take place on V.E. Day and it is a particular honour that one of my first tasks as an MP is to lay a wreath at the cenotaph marking the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe.

“I reflect on the fact that every community was touched by the loss of loved ones in the Second World War, which claimed the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians from Scotland, the UK and right across the world.

“That enormous loss occurred as ordinary people fought to protect the fundamental freedoms that we hold dear and which allow us to continue to choose our representatives through debate and discussion and through the millions of votes that have been cast this week.”

2015 General Election - Moray Constituency Result:

James Edward MACKESSACK-LEITCH - Scottish Green Party - 1345

Sean Murray MORTON - Scottish Labour Party - 4898

Jamie PATERSON - Scottish Liberal Democrats - 1395

Angus Struan Carolus ROBERTSON - Scottish National Party (SNP) - 24384

Douglas ROSS - Scottish Conservative and Unionist - 15319

Rob SCORER - UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 1939

Ballot Papers Rejected - 41

TOTAL VOTES - 49,321