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Moray SNP News





Moray Constituency Association of the Scottish National Party has held its AGM after a year that has seen politics reinvigorated in Scotland the SNP Membership in Moray jumping by over a 1,000 to more than 1,350. This means that around 1 in 45 voters in Moray are members of the SNP, a membership many times higher than their nearest rivals.

Nearly a hundred of those members attended the Annual General Meeting, which took place on Sunday [15th March] in Elgin Town Hall.

Moray SNP’s Convener, Cllr Gary Coull, introduced the Guest Speaker, Deputy First Minster John Swinney MSP. In his address to local SNP members Mr Swinney spoke about the referendum campaign and the incredible membership surge that the SNP has seen in the weeks and months since, taking the party’s membership to around 100,000 in total - more than 4 times the level prior to the September referendum.

The Deputy First Minister went on to speak about the ongoing Westminster Election Campaign and the SNP’s message to voters. He also commended the hard work of local Moray MP Angus Robertson, who is again standing for election to Westminster.

Speaking after the meeting local MP Angus Robertson said:

“The SNP is now the third largest party in the UK, and the only major party not controlled at Westminster. We can force Westminster to listen to the people of Scotland.

“Left to their own devices, both the Tories and Labour plan another round of austerity cuts. And neither can be trusted to deliver the powers Scotland was promised. With strong Scottish voices at Westminster we will hold the government of the day to account on more powers. The real powers of home rule to create jobs and protect services.

“The SNP will speak out against unfair policies like the Bedroom Tax and speak up for social justice for all. And we’ll fight tooth and nail against spending tens of billions on Trident when that money should be spent on public services and better childcare.

“Whatever the outcome in May only one party is stronger for Scotland, the SNP.”

The meeting elected the following Moray SNP Office Bearers for the coming year:

Honorary President: Cllr Pearl Paul

Convener: Cllr Gary Coull

Vice Conveners: Ryan Rodger, Aaron McLean

Secretary: Carrie-Anne McLean

Treasurer: Elaine Cooper

Organiser: Laura Mitchell