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Moray’s MP Angus Robertson has held a high level meeting with mobile phone network operator EE to discuss investment plans for their network in the Moray area.

The local MP met with EE’s Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Richard Wainer, and their Public Affairs Manager, Alex Jackman.

Mr Robertson's meeting with EE is part of a continuing campaign to see improved mobile coverage for the constituents he represents.

Speaking after the meeting Angus Robertson MP said:

“The meeting with EE was very productive. I impressed upon them the importance of making clear their investment plans to their customers so that people have a clearer understanding of what to expect and in what timescales.

“For EE’s representatives commercial confidentiality is problematic for them in setting out all of their investment plans in detail, however they have indicated that there is ongoing and substantial investment in their network coverage in Moray and in booster systems that help people use their mobiles through home wifi.

“There are likely to be additional areas getting access to 4G before the end of the year and they will be making available a new booster system later in the year.

“I also raised issues about mobile cover along the A96 corridor where there are still noticeable gaps and which is problematic for businesses in particular who need to contact employees to direct them to jobs or for people trying to report issues on the road.

“EE said they are also committed to working to resolve these issues and I know that engineers have since been checking the route coverage with a view to working out solutions. There is also a wider benefit to this by addressing some blackspots for people living next to the A96 corridor in those blackspot areas.

“I will be meeting with representatives from Vodafone and Three in the coming weeks to have similar discussions and while there are some coverage issues that are harder to resolve the overall picture is one of improvement.

“It also remains important that customers continue to contact their providers with coverage issues especially if using booster technology is a potential option.”