Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News




Moray’s MP Angus Robertson today [Wednesday] leads a debate in the House of Commons, calling for Westminster to increase its efforts to help refugees from the Middle East.

The SNP Opposition Day Motion is backed by the leaders of six political parties including Labour, Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems and the Green Party.

Speaking ahead of the debate Angus Robertson MP said:

“In Moray, as across the country, we have seen an outpouring of support for refugees fleeing war and persecution and seeking safety and a future for their families.

“At a parliamentary level it is great to have a cross-party effort for increasing support for refugees who are in such a position of total extremity. The message to the Prime Minister and his government colleagues is clear, the UK must do more to support those affected by this horrendous crisis.

“This motion and debate will hopefully persuade the UK government to go beyond the announcements already made, including increasing the number of refugees that the UK is willing to accept.

“The SNP have committed to a full-day debate on the issue and have agreed with the other parties to the wording of this motion.

“David Cameron’s leadership on this has been inadequate and now six parties leaders are challenging him to show more leadership and work more constructively with our European partners.

The motion has been welcomed by Head of Policy and Communications at Scottish Refugee Council, Gary Christie, who said:

“Scottish Refugee Council strongly welcomes this SNP motion.

“It identifies the gaps and inadequacies of the UK Government's woeful response to this humanitarian and refugee crisis. We hope that the Prime Minister listens seriously and with an open mind to the issues and solutions proposed by the SNP and indeed those from MPs of all political colours.

“These issues and solutions reflect the current public mood to help and do more to welcome refugees, not only in Scotland but throughout the UK so that the UK lives up to its proud history of humanitarianism.

“We believe this Motion should command the support, at the very least, of all opposition parties across the Chamber.”

The motion to be debated by the House of Commons is as follows:


This House recognises the funding the Government has committed to the humanitarian initiatives to provide sanctuary in camps for refugees across the Middle East; calls for a greater international effort through the United Nations to secure the position of such displaced people; recognises that the Government  has committed to accept 20,000 vulnerable people from camps in Syria over the next five years but calls for a Government report to be laid before the House by 12 October 2015 detailing how that number can be increased, encompassing refugees already in Europe and including a plan for the remainder of this year to reflect the overwhelming urgency of this humanitarian crisis; further  notes that refugees arriving in European Union territory also have a moral and legal right to be treated properly; and, given the pressure on Southern European countries, further calls for the UK to play its full and proper  role, in conjunction with European partners, in providing sanctuary to our fellow human beings.