Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Moray MSP, Richard Lochhead said: 

“Last year was a tough year for many of my constituents in Moray and as we look to the coming year, we know that although many of the challenges remain by working together we can support each other through these tough times and look ahead to better days.

“I pay tribute to everyone in Moray who goes out of their way to help others. We have a very strong community spirit and many charities and organisations that go above and beyond to help those in need. People of all ages have been working to raise cash or to donate to good causes. That solidarity will help us in the times ahead.

“I also want to thank everyone in our NHS and across all health settings in Moray who are also going above and beyond. Our nurses, doctors and all health and social care workers are showing the utmost dedication and professionalism against a very challenging backdrop to provide the care people need.

“I am hoping that 2023 is a turning point for our local health services as decisions are taken about new investment in Dr Grays’s long term future and as the plan to restore consultant led maternity services gets underway.  

“Likewise, our teaching staff and school communities deserve enormous credit as they have been rallying round local families and helping our young people many of whom have been affected by the pandemic.

“Getting through a cost of living crisis underpinned by sky high fuel and food inflation is perhaps our biggest short term challenge. Local businesses and families await with trepidation the next set of bills being posted through our letterboxes.  We also look to the UK Government for meaningful and appropriate assistance and most of all for a recognition of the scale of the challenge facing household incomes and trading conditions on our high streets. Decisions taken in Downing Street are responsible for the UK now facing a much worse economic outlook than comparable countries across Europe.

“Thankfully, the Moray economy is resilient. Small innovative businesses are the backbone of our economy. New investment is also planned in our globally successful whisky industry and many of our sectors are looking to create new highly skills jobs. The drive towards net zero by 2045 also promises to create thousands of new jobs in Moray.

“The fact that energy bills are unaffordable for so many in an energy rich nation like Scotland tells us all we need to know about how badly the Tories have managed the country. It also tells us why most opinion polls now show the majority of Scots support independence for our country. This year will be an important one on our journey to independence. Scotland can no longer afford to have out of touch London politicians inflicting so much damage on our country.  

“With the need for climate security and energy security top of the agenda we need self-government and our own voice in the world to pass on a better country to our children and future generations.

“Finally, we must continue to support the people of Ukraine many of whom we now host in our local communities. Putin’s war reminds us that we live in a volatile world where despots can bring misery to millions. What is happening in Ukraine is heart-breaking and we must stand together against Putin’s aggression.

“I wish all my constituents a prosperous 2023 and what I hope will be a more peaceful and kind world.”