Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Transport Scotland has confirmed in correspondence to Richard Lochhead MSP that it will move ahead with plans for a pedestrian crossing on the High Street in Aberlour following a community campaign.

Mr Lochhead and Councillor Louise Laing have been supporting the Aberlour Community Association in their efforts to persuade Transport Scotland to install a controlled crossing on the A95 going through the village.  Transport Scotland updated the MSP last week to confirm that plans for a controlled crossing will go ahead and the community will be consulted on the location and design of the crossing.

Moray’s SNP MSP said:

“For some time now a controlled crossing has been the number one ask from residents in Aberlour in terms of what the village needs and I’m delighted that our joint efforts have resulted in the green light being given for a pedestrian crossing. 

“The A95 going through Aberlour is incredibly busy and there are a large number of pedestrians, including school children who will benefit from having a safe place to cross. 

“Whilst there’s some way to go before the crossing will be installed, the news that budget has been set aside is a big step forward and I hope that consultation with the community around location and design can begin as soon as possible.”

SNP Councillor for Speyside Louise Laing added:

“Since being elected I’ve worked closely with Aberlour Community Association on a number of issues including the campaign for pedestrian crossing on the High Street.

“It’s an incredibly busy stretch of road with a lot of lorries passing through and a controlled crossing will be a welcome traffic calming measure and will make crossing the main road much easier for local pedestrians.

“I’m pleased we’ve reached this point and I would encourage members of the community to share their views Transport Scotland once they being the process of consulting on where exactly the crossing should go.”