Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



SNP Councillors in Moray have welcomed the budget statement by SNP Finance Secretary Derek Mackay MSP.

The budget proposals set out in the Scottish Parliament mean a proposed revenue grant for Moray Council that is nearly 2 million pounds better than expected and at a level that had been described as ‘optimistic’ in the Council Administration’s budget proposals.

In addition the budget reaffirmed the SNP’s commitment to getting Superfast Broadband to every household and business in Scotland with a £600m commitment to achieve that; an additional £179m to raise attainment in schools; an extra £400 million for the NHS and seven out of ten income taxpayers paying less than they did this year.

Welcoming the budget statement SNP Opposition Co-Leader on Moray Council, Cllr Shona Morrison, said:

“This is a great budget statement from the Finance Secretary and after all the doom and gloom from the Leader of Moray Council I hope there will be some acknowledgement of the SNP’s efforts to produce as fair a budget as possible. One of the biggest wins for Local Government is a huge commitment to fund Early Years Childcare expansion, which Moray Council will be responsible for delivering with that extra funding.

“The SNP has always sought to look further ahead and to be as strategic as possible in budget proposals and there is a real chance here for the Council’s Administration to make a serious commitment to pursuing Shared Services with other Local Authorities and with the rest of the public sector in Moray such as the NHS and the Police, we firmly believe that moving in that direction will help to protect our frontline services.

“Moray Council is going to be nearly 2 million pounds better off than anticipated for its revenue budget. The Council’s Tory/Independent Administration are being given a chance here to take a more strategic perspective on the way forward for Moray and they must not squander that opportunity like the previous Tory/Independent Administration did.”

Cllr Morrison’s Co-Leader of the SNP Opposition, Cllr Graham Leadbitter, said:

“In addition to the very positive news for the Council’s Revenue Budget there are really important commitments on key issues such as broadband rollout; more money to tackle the attainment gap; additional funds for police and fire services and hundreds of millions extra for the NHS.

“This is a budget that will be good for Moray and good for public services in general. It is also a budget that benefits lower and middle earners by making the taxation system fairer.

“I believe in fair tax for good public services and this budget seeks to deliver that.”