Richard Lochhead

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Richard Lochhead has visited W.Reid Butchers in Hopeman to witness the aesthetic transformation of the shop and new equipment after their successful application through the SME Loan Scheme.

The SME Loan Scheme, funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Business Energy Scotland, helps small and medium sized businesses install new energy efficient systems, equipment or building fabric improvements.

W.Reid Butchers were able to receive funding for new display counters, external motors, LED lighting and a solar thermal boiler which has reduced their energy consumption by around 40%, which in turn is better for the environment and keeps hard earned money within the business.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“I was delighted to be able to pop in past W.Reid Butchers to see for myself the significant upgrades and upgrades that have been made to some of the equipment in the shop.

“During my last visit to the butchers, the ongoing cost of living crisis and the eye-watering increases to the price of electricity were causing Mr Robertson, and indeed many other businesses, significant concern.

“My office helped source information on the SME Loan Scheme and Business Energy Scotland so I’m really pleased to hear that their application for this support was successful and the impact it’s had on the shop and the business as a whole.

“I would encourage all small businesses across Moray to take a look at Business Energy Scotland and check if they are eligible for any funding and support to make their business greener and more energy efficient.”

Owner of W.Reid Butchers Philip Robertson added:

“During the height of the energy crisis in 2022, we received a letter template from the Scottish Craft Butchers Association to send to our local representatives in search of some aid for substantial electricity bills. Richard was very keen to help and paid us a visit to discuss the ongoing situation and to find a solution, he was able to provide us with information about the SME Loan Scheme managed through Business Energy Scotland.

“The application for the loan wasn't an easy task which took around 14 months but I would recommend anyone to persevere as the final outcome is fantastic. Our energy bills have dropped drastically, we have new and upgraded equipment and utilities and lastly we have become much more environmentally friendly.

“In February - March 2023, we used 2180.8 units of electricity costing £717.24 but for the same months in 2024 we used 1527 units costing £502.23 on the same rate as the previous year, meaning that we have cut down our usage by 653.8 units and a saving of £215.01 all thanks to Richard and the SME Loan Scheme."