Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard Lochhead MSP unveiled his nomination for Moray’s local hero to take part in the official opening of the Scottish Parliament on Saturday 2 October.  Mr Lochhead invited members of the public to send him their suggestions of people who have gone the extra mile for their community. 

On Friday, Moray’s MSP revealed that Debi Weir had been selected as Moray’s local hero having been nominated for her work in tackling poverty through the Moray School Bank. Debi from Rothes dedicates much of her time to supporting families in Moray and works with organisations and groups locally to mitigate poverty and to raise awareness of the challenges facing many households in the area.  

Alongside nominees put forward by MSPs from across the country, Debi will be invited to take part in the official opening of the Parliament on 2 October.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“As the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament gets underway, and after all that we’ve been through over the last year and a half, it’s absolutely right that the people of Scotland are at the heart of the official opening and that we recognise the work of local heroes who have been there for their local community.

“I was inundated nominations and was blown away by the incredible accounts of people from all walks of life who have gone above and beyond to support and help others, especially during the pandemic, and each and every one of them have contributed so much to life in Moray.

“In the end, we picked Debi who is a committed and dedicated volunteer who has over the years supported local families through her work on the Moray School Bank and her efforts to mitigate the impact of poverty. As well as her work with the school bank, she’s doing good work through Revolution for Good, and supports her young daughter Hannah with her Nae Worries in Moray initiative. 

“Debi is clearly a very determined campaigner who works incredibly hard to support families in Moray and she’s made a difference to many people’s lives. She represents the very best of Moray and the thousands of volunteers who have gone out of their way to help others during the pandemic.”