Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Following communication with members of the business community in Aberlour over the timing of major road improvements that got underway last week, Richard Lochhead MSP has sought clarity from BEAR Scotland as to whether postponing part of the road works until after the busy tourist season is a feasible option.   

Members of the local business community have been in touch with Mr Lochhead highlighting their concerns over the timing of the works and the effect they will have on small local businesses, whose busiest period is the summer months, and asking whether part of the project could be pushed back to autumn to reduce disruption during this key time. 

Moray’s MSP yesterday [Tuesday] contacted the Managing Director of BEAR Scotland to ask whether this proposal could be a potential solution.  Brian Gordon has in turn agreed to discuss the proposal with Transport Scotland and the contractor for the works to explore the feasibility of this proposal.

Welcoming this progress, Mr Lochhead said:

“I think everyone agrees that these road improvements are necessary, the question is about timing and ensuring these works can be carried out with minimal impact on the local community and economy.

“Since my initial contact with BEAR, some members of the business community have come back to me with a proposed solution, which involves the work at either end of the village being carried out now, and postponing the work in the centre of High Street until after the busy summer period to reduce disruption and ensure that tourists are not discouraged from visiting.

“My office has been in touch with BEAR Scotland and I was pleased that the Managing Director has indicated that he will talk with Transport Scotland to establish whether this proposal is an option.  Brian Gordon assured me that all options will be explored and any proposed changes to the programme going forward will be done in consultation with the local community.”