Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Commenting on the Health Secretary's update to Parliament on Moray Maternity Services, Richard Lochhead MSP said: 

“The Heath Secretary has restated his cast-iron commitment to the restoration of a consultant led service at Dr Gray’s and made it clear he recognises the concerns that have been raised by local campaigners and clinicians including at Raigmore about the draft plans submitted by the health boards.

“This week I’ve spoken to both the Health Secretary and Linda de Caestecker, who is leading the external panel overseeing this process, and have strongly conveyed local views to them and reiterated the need for a determined focus on delivering what has been promised at Dr Gray’s given that the years are disappearing.

“It is important, as the Scottish Government has said, that both investment at Raigmore and Dr Gray’s happens concurrently because Moray can’t wait for Inverness and I will once again be pressing NHS Grampian to share details on how it plans to use the £5m set aside for rebuilding maternity services in Elgin.

“Women in Moray urgently need to see some progress and to start seeing improvements in the services available at Dr Gray’s as soon as possible.”