Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



The end of the Right to Buy in Scotland has been welcomed by Moray's SNP Councillors.

The move, which sees the repeal of sections of the 1980 Tenants Rights Etc Act (Scotland), means that tenants of Social Housing will no longer be able to buy properties at lower than market value from their landlords.  

This is something that has been welcomed by Councillor Gary Coull, Leader of the SNP Opposition Group on the Moray Council:

"This change is long overdue. Across Moray and Scotland thousands of affordable family homes have been sold off. This has resulted in almost half a million social rented homes being lost across Scotland of which over six thousand have been in Moray. This change in itself won't create any new homes in Moray but it will stop the ongoing erosion of the affordable housing stock we have.

"This, in addition to the Scottish Government's recent significant increases in financial support and ambitious target to build at least fifty thousand new affordable homes, should provide a much needed boost to affordable housing in Moray. SNP councillors will continue to push that Moray fights to ensure it get its fair share of this funding so we can address the significant shortfalls particularly in rural areas."