Richard Lochhead

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Richard Lochhead MSP is set to meet with the Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Agency, Guy Parker, to discuss his campaign against unfair delivery charges.

The talks set to take place on Thursday 4th October, come after a further 98 firms have been issued enforcement notices by the Advertising Standards Authority in the latest victory for the SNP MSP’s campaign against unfair delivery charges.

The enforcement notices were issued after Moray’s MSP compiled a second dossier highlighting firms that hit parts of Scotland with higher delivery charges – despite many advertising free UK-wide delivery.

The ASA had previously issued enforcement orders to 128 firms after similar evidence was submitted by Mr Lochhead.

The Moray MSP’s Fair Delivery Charges campaign has crowdsourced evidence of misleading advertising and unfair delivery charges, which typically hit consumers in rural and Highland Scotland.

Commenting, Mr Lochhead said:

“I’m looking forward to meeting with the Advertising Standards Authority once again to discuss what more can be done to crack down on unfair delivery parcel surcharges. 

“Our meeting comes just after another 98 firms have been issued with enforcement notices as a direct result of my second dossier, highlighting firms that were ripping off customers in many parts of Scotland, including Moray.    

“Clearly this is another significant step in the fight against unfair delivery charges, which can have a serious impact on consumers and local businesses. It’s fundamentally unfair for companies to advertise free UK-wide delivery but then hit buyers with hidden fees.

“I’m glad that the ASA have been willing to step in with presented with evidence, and it’s pleasing that many firms are responding positively and making immediate changes.

“But they shouldn’t wait until they get hit with an enforcement notice – it’s time for all retailers to take this seriously and stop ripping off my constituents and consumers across the country.

“It’s over a year now since I launched my campaign and whilst there’s been a lot of progress, there’s still a great deal to do and I hope that my meeting with the ASA can identify more ways in which we can put a stop to companies ripping off customers in the north of Scotland.”