Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Richard Lochhead MSP has written to the Lord Advocate calling on the families of those who died in the Tornado crash in 2012 to be consulted on whether a Fatal Accident Inquiry should be held into the crash following a change in legislation.

Mr Lochhead wrote to James Wolfe QC in the days following the change in the law that means all future deaths of military personnel in Scotland will be subject to an FAI.  The legislation also allows historic cases to be reconsidered should new evidence be uncovered.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Many people including bereaved families were sorely disappointed by the decision in 2015 not to conduct a FAI.  I believe the correct course of action now would be for the Crown Office to consult the families of the lost crew members to establish their views on conducting an FAI into the crash now that the legislation has changed and allows for old cases to be reopened.

“There is a strong argument that it would be in the public interest for an FAI to take place. An FAI would allow the relevant issues to be addressed in a far more open and transparent manner and for proper scrutiny of all the relevant authorities and issues in contrast to the Military Aviation Authority Investigation.

“It’s five years since the accident and I understand that it remains the case that there is no Collision Warning System in place for the new Typhoon aircraft that has replaced the Tornado fleet.

“As we mark the fifth anniversary of this tragic crash and campaigners including my constituent Jimmy Jones, a retired RAF officer who has taken a close interest in this case and has worked with the bereaved families, remain of the view that it is vital that lessons are learned from a full investigation into the crash and to allow the bereaved some closure, should an FAI remain their wish.”