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Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



At a special meeting of Moray Council, Councillors were presented with an update on progress on a replacement Lossiemouth High School.

Ground conditions in the project have caused cost increases to the project and there had been concerns that some councillors may have opposed the project going ahead, however the school will progress with some redesign of the layout to reduce the floor area by a small amount and a relocation of the car park to partially offset other cost increases.

SNP Councillor for Heldon and Laich Ward, which takes in Lossiemouth, Cllr Amy Patience, argued to retain the original floor area of the school to prevent a reduction in the community space and, in particular, the library space, which will also serve the wider community as well as the school.

There was some debate over the best option to go forward with and but ultimately the 2 options that were considered against each other both retained all of the original proposed facilities of a High School, Community Centre including Community Library, a Swimming Pool and 3G Pitch.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Patience said:

“I argued the case for retaining the original floor area in order to protect the size of the area of the new school that will be available to the wider community. The size of the library was the biggest issue for me to ensure that it is a good size to serve both the school and the community.

“Ultimately the committee voted by 19 to 4 to reduce the floor area and while I am disappointed that I did not get all I argued for, the fact that Lossiemouth is going to get a brand new HIgh School, Swimming Pool, Community Centre with Community Library and a 3G Pitch is still great news for Lossiemouth and the nearby villages of Hopeman, Duffus, Cummingston and Burghead.

“The Scottish Government through the Schools for the Future programme will be contributing 26.4 million pounds, while the Council will be adding a further 14.6 million to deliver a huge 41 million investment to Lossiemouth.

“I will continue to argue the case for the communities I represent to get the best facilities possible and I will work closely with Council Officers and others to help ensure that the transition from old to new goes as smoothly as possible through the completion of the design and into the construction phase.”

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