Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News




Moray’s MP Angus Robertson says his focus is on getting the best for Moray and Scotland as the Westminster Parliament continues its consideration of the Scotland Bill, which will see new powers transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

The local MP says the fundamental issue is that the bill must deliver serious power and enable Scotland’s Parliament with the tools to make a difference in areas of welfare and taxation in particular.

The SNP’s Mr Robertson has expressed his frustration that the UK Government continues to oppose amendments from the SNP and other opposition parties in the House of Commons which seek to strengthen areas such as welfare. The MP says that is shows a total disregard for the views expressed by the people of Scotland through the ballot box in May.

Angus Robertson MP said:

“We have a situation where the single Tory MP from Scotland is ignoring the views of the vast majority of elected MPs from Scotland, who were elected with a mandate to strengthen the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

“We saw cross-party support on the Opposition benches for SNP amendments being voted down by a Tory government with a single MP in Scotland.

"At a time of savage cuts to the welfare state by the Tories - causing real hurt to hard working families and vulnerable people, and driving more and more people to food banks - the choice is between having welfare powers in Scotland's hands, or leaving them in the hands of Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne.

“The Scottish Parliament stands ready to deliver fairer, more compassionate policies on welfare and in other areas that are currently dealt with at Westminster and we are arguing the strongest possible case to get those powers transferred.

“The people of Moray and Scotland were made a promise - both in the so-called ‘Vow’ before the referendum and since then. That promise must be delivered by the UK Government but they seem intent on watering things down. That cannot be allowed to happen.

“In Prime Minister’s Questions this week David Cameron stated that the Scotland Bill would deliver the Smith Commission in full, including on welfare but that is refuted not just by myself and other SNP representatives but also by the Scottish Parliament and by independent researchers.

“There is still a way to go and time for the Tories to redeem themselves, listen to Scotland and abide by their promise. I will continue to keep the pressure on to get the result that Scotland expects.”