Richard Lochhead

Moray SNP News



Opposition Councillors in Moray made a last ditch attempt to prevent swingeing parking charge increases and the introduction of charges at Elgin Railway Station.

SNP Councillor for Elgin City South, Graham Leadbitter, made a proposal to stop the charges doubling for 2 hour parking in most of the Elgin City centre car parks and to prevent charges being introduced at the station, citing the negative impact this would have on commuters and on nearby residential streets.

Cllr Leadbitter’s motion was seconded by Elgin City South colleague, Labour Councillor John Divers.

The motion was defeated by 6 votes to 5 in favour of imposing the increases and the new station charges.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Leadbitter said:

“Today’s committee meeting was unfortunately the final roll of the dice in opposing these unfair increases in parking charges and the imposition of parking charges on commuters who are already paying for their rail fares.

“Once again we saw Independents and Conservatives voting together to impose unfair parking charges that risk damaging the economy of the centre of Elgin and which will cause further disruption in residential streets, where on-street parking is already a difficult issue.

“I think the public will see this latest consultation as nothing more than a tick box exercise with no willingness being shown from the Tories and Independents to have any movement whatsoever on their original proposals.

“The Parking Strategy in its current form does practically nothing to address on-street parking issues, which was one of the key concerns when the review of parking in Elgin was first started.”